Our Goal

Our goal is to  provide the highest quality pilot training to student and certificated pilots.


       We utilize the most modern teaching techniques and the most up to date syllabi for primary, instrument and commercial pilot training.  This method includes Scenario Based Training, Integrated Attitude Flying and the use of PC based training devices.  Our aircraft have modern Garmin 430 GNS coupled with the standard “6-pack” configured instruments. It is enroute, terminal and approach certified.
        All flight instructors must meet ridged FAA standards, maintain highly developed flying skills and receive mandated recurrent training.  That is where the similarities end.   Many flight instructors are passing through their “teaching phase” as they allow their students to fund their hours needed to qualify to fly for the airlines.  Other instructors refuse to teach using the newest technologies.  They teach as if the modern world does not exist.
       Our instructors are professional teachers as well as experienced aviators. The use of modern technologies is encouraged as soon as the basic primary flying and navigational skills are mastered. Safety and professional instruction are our highest priorities. Our one-on-one individualized instruction is complete, comprehensive and concise. Our students not only pass their check rides but, they are safe, proficient and capable pilots.

       It is not easy to become a pilot.  It takes dedication, hard work and professional guidance.  If you are up to the challenge,  willing to commit to studying hard and open to having a lot of fun along the way contact us.

         Pilots are a pretty special bunch.  You can join us.

         We exercise privileges that most other people can only dream about.

         Come.  Join Us!