Cessna 172L Owners Manual

This page contains links to the Owners Manual for N7035Q Cessna C-172L.  This plane is a 1971 L model.  The Airworthiness Certificate is dated in the first week of January 1972.  The 1972 C-172L model applies to this aircraft.

The files are in PDF.

Examiners are known to pick up the manual and ask questions about the aircraft so, it would be wise to study this information before your Check Ride or Flight Review.

Model 172 and SkyHawk 1972

Front Cover

Inside Front Cover Performance Specifications

Table Of Contents

Section 1 Operating Check List

Section 2 Description and Operating Details

Section 3 Emergency Procedures

Section 4 Operating Limitations

Section 5 Care of the Airplane

Section 6 Operational Data

Section 7 Optional Systems

Inside Rear Cover Servicing Requirements